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Create your own park

Before facing the pitfalls that MPE offers, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the game system through the 6 tutorials, which allow you to take manual skills quite effectively with all the features of the game, from the basic to the advanced ones, offering the player a valid support to learn in a short time the fundamental characteristics to move forward successfully especially within the campaign mode, where the objectives set by the game must be achieved. Thanks to the aforementioned tutorials, the game interface is immediately familiar to the player, thus giving him the opportunity to pursue game objectives without wasting time. Whether you are in a campaign or taking part in a free game, you must therefore roll up your sleeves to build your park and, possibly, make it a success among visitors.
The introduction of the various animals into the park is not limited to just taking them and placing them on the ground, but it is necessary to carefully plan the area where you intend to place them, both in terms of fencing (an elephant, for example, could easily kill a simple fence) both as regards the ground, the vegetation and the accessories, all very numerous and diversified in such a way as to make visible the differences between the areas dedicated to different species. The animals, for their part, show that they like or dislike what is placed inside their enclosure through various comics that allow our alter ego manager of the park to take the necessary measures in case any of them should be unhappy. But if on the one hand we must necessarily take care of the health and mood of the fauna that populates the park, we cannot fail to take care of the visitors as well, since on balance they are the ones who carry in our pockets the necessary liquids to carry on the hut . It is therefore equally essential to pay attention to their nutritional needs through various food kiosks as well as offer them a wide range of entertainment which, in the case of a particularly ambitious park, translate into train and boat stations but above all in VIP animals. , that is, those trained to hold shows in special structures that will also guarantee the sale of gadgets dedicated to them. To promote the park it is also possible to advertise through all the media channels available in modern society, choosing the budget to be allocated to each of them, even if to tell the truth this "spot effect" is not felt that much, bringing the player to focus more their economic resources on the structural improvements available for their park. Another resource not to be underestimated is research, through which it is possible to obtain new animals but above all to treat diseases that threaten the health of those already in our park, thus avoiding serious losses.

despite the efforts of Enlight the main flaw of MPE is mainly reflected in the lack of competition

Create your own park

Despite the efforts of Enlight, the main flaw of MPE mainly translates into the lack of competition, given that several rankings and special prizes are available, but this does not translate into the competition that would be necessary to offer that "more" to the game. , consisting precisely of the bite offered by a ruthless competition, which could have been introduced in both game modes, thus giving considerable benefit in terms of involvement. What has just been expressed therefore also affects the longevity of this game, given that once you have discovered all the animals available and have completed the park in the free game, you will inexorably end up losing interest, even if it must be said that the players occasional ones might like the choice not to exasperate the game in an excessive way unlike those who eat bread and management.

Visiting the park

Although the graphic quality is not excellent, especially as regards the number of polygons, it is evident the effort made by Enlight to reproduce an animal park in all its aspects, even the less significant ones that can go to distinguish an area with respect to another: we have in fact different types of vegetation, soil, rocks and various objects that allow the complete differentiation of the enclosure of one animal species from another, as it should be. An effective terrain modeling system is also available that can provide an excellent tool for implementing your project in a simple way. As for human beings, on the other hand, we find a slightly less realistic representation that is very reminiscent of the so-called "super deformed". The sound also stands at good levels, offering a wide range of very realistic sounds of all animals and a fairly understandable English speech even by non-native English speakers. For everyone, subtitles are still available, with some small errors in writing to be honest, while the game interface is completely translated into Spanish.

analyzing all aspects of MPE, we can say that the final product is quite good, but suffers from some shortcomings

Final comment

Analyzing all aspects of MPE, we can say that the final product is quite good, but suffers from some shortcomings that older players and various Tycoon fans will not like. First of all we find in fact a competition that on balance "there is but there isn't", taking away from the game the appeal that it could have had by introducing instead a deep system of competition between parks, therefore more noticeable by the player: if there were state we would certainly be talking about a much higher level game. Secondly, despite the efforts of the development team, the two introduced modes do not offer an excessive possibility of replaying MPE a second time after the first, which all in all translates into a number of hours that are not excessively numerous of actual play. . MPE is therefore advisable for the so-called casual players and for those who intend to approach the world of management without having to deal with ruthless competitors or exasperated levels of simulation, focusing their attention on the beauty of the park that is being built and the possibility of creating areas for the very realistic animals. However, if you liked Zoo Empire, you will also like this new Enlight title, otherwise the advice is to make sure to try it a bit before buying it.


  • Quite nice graphically
  • No particular stress ...
  • ... but calm too flat
  • Nothing new in the gameplay

Managing is my job

The trend opened several years ago by Theme Park has been able to count over time on countless titles, which have obtained mixed results, often presenting gaps in terms of originality and longevity due to games that are too repetitive and sometimes not very deep in the gameplay. In this panorama, the idea of ​​Enlight, with Zoo Empire first and Marine Park Empire (MPE for friends) now, it presents itself as a potential breath of fresh air, placing the player at the head of a natural park, which with this new title finally has the possibility of becoming complete thanks to the presence of aquatic animals. In MPE we therefore have the opportunity to use all the animals and structures of the first game, to which are added fauna and water constructions for a total of 28 species of marine animals, 60 types of animals in general and a set of over 450 between buildings and various objects. The game modes include scenarios in which the player must move, reaching the objectives set within the context in which he is, for a total of 21 "missions", which make up the three campaigns divided into the park of water, earth and mixed. The alternative is the classic free game, within which to set the size of the area where you intend to build and the money available to launch into the creation of your own park of dreams, without any objective but only for the pure pleasure of admire your work by making it grow little by little.

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