Making money in Watch Dogs

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Watch Dogs - Tricks to Earn Money [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


In games as large as Watch Dogs the coin is always useful. In this guide, we will collect the best ways to earn as much money as possible.

Making money in Watch Dogs

1) Uplay makeup
The first piece of advice I want to give is that given by Ubisoft itself. In Watch Dogs we will be able to play the "Online Contracts" side missions endless times, but the important thing to know is that it is possible to unlock the cheat for 20 Uplay points "Increase in Online Contracts Earnings" and increases the amount of money earned every time with these missions. Before you start playing Watch Dogs then, log in with your Uplay account from the game menu (if you don't have one, create it on the official page) and start earning Uplay points which you will then spend to buy this and other tricks (read the Uplay unlockables guide for more details).

2) Trick infinite money
With this method you hack the bank accounts of the other characters, and if you do as shown in the video below you can get to earn up to $ 1.000.000 in one hour. By hacking passersby in the game often and willingly you will be able to steal sums of money from their checking accounts. First of all I recommend unlocking the skill "ATM hack improved" which increases the stolen sums. With this skill, earnings range from $ 500 to $ 7.000 per passerby, depending on the character you catch. Unlocking the skill "Optimized Profiler" you will be able to more easily identify the characters with the most bloated accounts, while with "Improved ATM Hack +" you will further increase the money you earn. I recommend doing it in the area indicated in the video, because it has many more passers-by to hack and also has an ATM nearby. You will have to make $ 20.000 to $ 40.000 on each turn of the dock, which is approximately every 3 minutes.

3) How to always win at the game of bowls
There is a mega oversight on the part of the developers, a glitch that allows you to ALWAYS win the game of three glasses (there are 9 tables throughout the city). Again you will earn a lot of easy money. See how in the video

4) Coming Soon...
We will update this guide with new tricks to earn easy money in Watch Dogs. If you have discovered something interesting on the subject, report it immediately in the comments !!!

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