Magic: The Gathering Arena, Wizards of the Coast announces mobile debut

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W has just announced that Magic: The Gathering Arena, the digital version of Magic: The Gathering, will debut in Early Access on January 28 on select Android devices, and support for additional Android and iOS devices will be extended later this year. Early Access will include cross-platform support and all cards and formats found in the desktop version of MTG Arena, including Kaldheim. In the official direct that was held in the past few hours, Wizards of the Coast revealed unpublished details and new cards belonging to the new expansion of Magic: The Gatheringa Viking-inspired, which will be available on MTG Arena starting January 28th, while the global release will take place on February 5th. It will introduce players to new characters, never-before-seen gameplay mechanics and unpublished illustrations. For the first time ever, players will be able to experience dual snow lands, snow instants, and snow sorceries.

But that's not all, since the new game expansion, Kaldheim, will introduce new game mechanics, Boasting e Predict. Boast will only allow you to activate an ability if a creature attacked this turn. Predicting instead will allow players to exile cards from their hand face down and then cast them later for their predicting cost. Proven mechanics well known to fans will also return, like the modal double-faced cards with lands and legendaries, the Sagas and the snowy lands, with a new specific border. In addition, the envelopes of Kaldheim They will contain either basic snow lands or one of the new double snow lands, with a foil chance. Players will also be able to get cards with Viking shop window borders or borderless versions. Finally, a renewal of the List is also planned, with 40 out of 300 cards that will be replaced by themed cards Kaldheim.

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