Mafia 3: Complete Guide to Alternative Endings, Best Ending [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

Mafia 3: Complete Guide to Alternative Endings, Best Ending [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


In this guide we see what are the different endings of Mafia 3 and how are they obtained.

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In Mafia III we have three different alternative endings which can be obtained based on the choices made in the final stage of the game.


One of the last choices you have to make in Mafia 3 is to decide whether to leave the city or continue to command it. This choice will change the ending you will get.

Final 1 - At the final meeting you will have to choose whether to govern alone or together with other affiliates. By choosing to rule alone you will be killing your associates in cold blood. Outside, however, there will be a car bomb waiting for you, Lincoln will die.

Final 2 - If you choose to lead with the others, the gang will thrive. Affiliates will expand their influence across the country and Lincoln will use the accumulated money to rebuild the conquered areas. This choice also allows you to reload the game and return to town.

Final 3 - If you decide to leave the city Lincoln will survive by disappearing into thin air, and Vito lineup will take over.

Based on your choice, various videos will start showing the protagonists of the story telling the epilogue of the events. You can see it all in the following video showing the three endings in sequence:

Hard to say which is the better ending. Surely the first is the bad ending (Lincoln dies), while of the other two I personally consider the second the "good" ending (considering that the game is called Mafia 3 ...) while the third is an alternative ending, which could also be the best if you imagine that Lincoln preferred to change his life.

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