Mad Max: Tricks to Earn Infinite Scrap [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

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Mad Max: Tricks to Earn Infinite Scrap [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


Let's see the best ways to hoard junk in Mad Max for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

In the world of Mad Max, scrap represents money, and you will have to earn a lot of it in order to properly develop both the character and the Magnun Opus, your machine. Here are some ways to get as much scrap as possible.

Loot the shelters
One of the simplest methods is to loot the small enemy shelters. Inside you will find several crates containing scrap, the game will always show you how many crates are contained in a field, collect them all.

Conquer the outposts
In addition to the refuges there are also outposts, larger and much more protected, therefore more difficult to conquer. The scrap reward, however, will also be more generous: not only are there many more crates of scrap inside the outposts, but once you have conquered an outpost this will become your safe haven, which will periodically send you a constant amount of scrap. This applies to each conquered outpost, a great source of income.

Look for the wreckage in the storms
Sandstorms are an excellent opportunity to earn a lot of scrap, we can say that this is the best method to accumulate them quickly. When you find yourself inside a storm you will notice large crates rolling, also marked on the mini map as well highlighted in the video that I propose below. Locate the crates, approach them, get out of the car, break them and collect the debris.

 As you can see, the crates found with the sandstorms will each give you 100 wrecks, many more than you will normally find in the crates scattered around the game world.

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