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    Mad Max - Achievements List + Secret Achievementss [Xbox One]

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    Mad Max - Achievements List + Secret Achievementss [Xbox One]


    Here is the complete list of Xbox One Achievements for Mad Max


    Quick diversion
    Complete the Dinki-Di Wastelands mission
    10 G
    Golden Boy
    Reach a new rank of Legend
    5 G
    Road warrior
    Reach the rank of Legendary Road Warrior
    100 G
    Just reward
    Accumulate 5.000 scrap in your inventory
    5 G
    Scrap collector
    Accumulate 10.000 scrap in your inventory
    15 G
    The start of something good
    Eliminate all threats in Jeet's territory
    45 G
    Keep it up
    Eliminate all threats in the territory of Gutgash
    45 G
    The rumor spreads
    Eliminate all threats in Pink Eye territory
    45 G
    Long live Jeet
    Reduce the threat to 0 around the fortress of Jeet in the Plain of Fort of the Staves region
    15 G
    Long live Gutgash
    Reduce the threat to 0 around the fortress of Gutgash in the Dry Moon region
    15 G
    Long live Pink Eye
    Reduce the threat to 0 around the Pink Eye fortress in the Twisted Sack region
    15 G
    Stop and discover the scent of roses
    Complete all missions in the wastelands
    15 G
    Defeat an enemy vehicle with each Archangel
    15 G
    In flight
    Fly in a vehicle for at least 4 seconds and land without dying
    10 G
    Traveling to nowhere
    Drive a distance of 1.300 times the length of a car in a vehicle
    8 G
    Big favor to Jeet
    Make two projects in Jeet's Fortress
    3 G
    Big favor to Gutgash
    Make two projects in the fortress of Gutgash
    3 G
    Big favor at Pink Eye
    Make two projects in the Pink Eye fortress
    3 G
    Fresh air
    Perform a wasteland jump with the Magnum Opus
    10 G
    A thousand words
    Collect all historical artifacts
    5 G
    Wasteland Chef
    Have a meal of larvae
    3 G
    Seven plate
    It quenches a nomad's thirst
    2 G
    Complete all blueprints in all fortresses
    25 G
    The bigger they are ...
    Destroy a pack leader's camp
    5 G
    Legendary Demoman
    Destroy all Scrotus camps
    50 G
    Lightning-fast pilot
    Complete a "Time Bomb" Death Race
    5 G
    Strategic pilot
    Complete a "Diaspora" Death Race
    5 G
    Experienced pilot
    Complete a "Barrel Assault" Death Race
    5 G
    Unstoppable speed
    Complete at least one race in each location where Death Races take place
    12 G
    Complete a Death Race with an Archangel
    15 G
    Complete a Death Race with every Archangel
    40 G
    Complete a Death Race by setting a legendary time with each Archangel
    40 G
    A new grill for dad
    Collect all hood ornaments
    5 G
    Get the best V6 and V8 engines
    25 G
    Explosives specialist
    Neutralize all minefields
    10 G
    Explosions are not enough
    Complete all optional objectives in all camps
    25 G
    Master scout
    Loot all looting points
    10 G
    I'm going to the max
    Fully upgrade Max
    50 G
    Empty heads
    Destroy all scarecrows
    10 G
    Rust is the new black
    Get all body colors
    3 G
    Sniper exterminator
    Eliminate all Scrotus snipers
    10 G
    Walk 650 times the length of a car on foot
    8 G
    At the height of the mission
    Complete all non-repeatable challenges
    80 G
    Higher and higher
    Fly the balloon to each observation post
    10 G


    Mad Max Secret Goals

    All lost again
    Complete Chapter 1
    10 G
    Wastelands of Opportunities
    Complete Chapter 2
    15 G
    Digging a deeper hole
    Complete Chapter 3
    15 G
    Power in the engine
    Complete Chapter 4
    20 G
    Awakening from the downward spiral
    Complete Chapter 5
    100 G
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