Lucifer: show some photos of the first episodes of the new season

Netflix is in the mood for revelations and these days is continuing to publish exclusive content. If yesterday it was the turn of the first scene of The Umbrella Academy 2 (available from tomorrow July 31 2020), today is the turn of Lucifer 5. Some have been published photo in high definition that give us some anticipation about the new season coming out. After the trailer shown some time ago created a slight disappointment among the public as "too revealing“, With these images the shot was doubled. So let's go and see what we have intuited from the various advances shown to us.

As we have already seen in the video, the big villain this season will be Michael Morningstar (twin of Lucifer). Will he come to earth to wreak havoc and then disappear, or is his intentions to stay and pretend to be his brother for the rest of his stay? Surely many are wondering how the beloved will react Detective Decker. Fortunately, we will have to wait the exit official to find out. As shown in the photos, the figure of Michael will appear in third episode, just before the appearance of God (interpreted by Dennis Haysbert). Who knows it won't arrive at all Lucifer to save the day. 

We just have to leave you to the photos and wait together for the official release of the fifth season of Lucifer, scheduled for the August 21th, 2020. For all the updates regarding this, and other upcoming titles, as usual we will not fail to update you constantly.

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