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    Saints Row IV (4): Loyalty mission guide / walkthrough [360-PS3-PC]


    In addition to routine stuff like walking around naked or beating people up with giant dildos, Saints Row 4 puts us in front of much more important activities: saving the earth!

    Although the protagonist President we control is quite badass (a-here he is) and handsome (yet?), We will not be able to do everything alone. For this reason, throughout the story we will have the opportunity to earn the full Loyalty of other characters by completing the Loyalty missions.

    In this guide we see what these characters are and how to complete all friends' loyalty missions.

    Remember that a character's Loyalty mission becomes available when you free that character from the simulation in Story mode. At that point the mission will become available in the quest menu and you can then start it. By completing the Loyalty mission you will unlock the super-powered version of the character who will join you in battle. Let's go !!!

    I remind you that in the cheats and guides tab of Saints Row IV (4) there are other guides to enjoy this fantastic game to the fullest: all the cheat codes, the solution of the main quest, guide to Platinum / 1000 G and many others.


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