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Mass Effect 3 - Love Story with Miranda, Tali, Garrus or Jack [love affair guide]

As detailed in the guide dedicated to all possible love relationships in Mass Effect 3, in the latest Bioware effort you can start the love affair also with Miranda, Tali, Garrus or Jack.

This guide contains SPOILERS regarding the characters just mentioned, but not the general plot of Mass Effect 3.

For these four characters, unlike the others, there are additional conditions to be met in order to start the love story:

- you must have imported a save from Mass Effect 2;
- in the imported game you must have started a relationship with the character you are interested in;
- the character must have survived the events of Mass Effect 2.

Only if these conditions are met will you have the option to continue the story in Mass Effect 3. Here is in detail what needs to be done for each one.

Love story with Miranda
  • More or less early in the game she will contact you asking for a meeting at the Citadel. Obviously go there and talk to her.
  • After the Priority: Citadel mission, you can talk to her in your office as a Ghost. He will propose you an appointment at the Presidium apartments. Try to always be kind and nice, and you will have no difficulty in consolidating the relationship with her.

Love story with Tali
  • Tali appears during your first diplomatic meeting with the Quarians. Confirm that you want to resume the relationship.
  • Talk to her soon after, she will be in the CIC. Later, you will be able to have more intimate conversations with her during the mission on her home planet.
  • During the missions to Rannoch, Tali will ask to visit Shepard's cabin. Invite her and she will ask if you wish to continue the relationship.
  • Be sure to call Tali to your cabin before completing the Reaper Base mission on Rannoch, otherwise you miss your chance with Tali.

Love story with Jack
  • To find Jack, talk to Traynor in the Normandy. She will tell you about the Grissom Academy. Visit the station and you will find Jack during the mission.
  • Always choose the positive answers (Hero) during the mission, and then on the shuttle, wait for a Hero event and trigger it while the students celebrate you.
  • She will then email you asking to speak in the Citadel. Go there to discuss the past.
  • During this sequence, give your consent to engage in a serious relationship with her.

Love affair with Garrus
  • To start the story with Garrus your Shepard must necessarily be FEMALE.
  • Talk to Garrus in the Normandy, and meet him in the Citadel whenever possible. He will usually email you, check your mail regularly, and be found when he asks you to speak.
  • After the missions on Tuchanka you can talk to Garrus in the cockpit. You will be able to continue talking to him between missions, always stay in control and choose friendly responses that hint at your interest in a relationship.
  • When confidence has grown enough, Garrus will ask you for a meeting in the Citadel. On that occasion, you can make a permanent commitment to him in a serious relationship.

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