Lost Planet 3: "King of the Columns" guide [Objective / Trophy]

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Lost Planet 3: "King of the Columns" guide [Objective / Trophy]


Let's see how to unlock the Trophy / Achievement "King of the Pillars" from Lost Planet 3 per Xbox 360 e Playstation 3.

Assigned when you place all thermal columns

To unlock this result the positions to be found are 6 in total. You can't skip the first one because it will be automatically placed during a main story mission. After this you will have to advance quite a bit in the game before you can place the other 5, after passing the point of no return.

Most of these cannot be placed the first time you arrive in the area in which they are located and for some the upgrade of the hook is also required, so it is advisable to finish the game first and then return to the positions using the function fast travel.

Here is a video showing where all the positions of the thermal columns are, but keep the above in mind.

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