Long Distance Free Kick Scoring Tutorial in FIFA 14

FIFA 14: powerful long distance free kick guide [3 finger shot]


Here we are with the first of 3 guides dedicated to free kicks by FIFA 14, today we see how to score with long range punishment.

Long Distance Free Kick Scoring Tutorial in FIFA 14

Maybe the youngest will not remember it, but who knows the great Brazilian player Roberto Carlos knows what we're talking about: the 3 finger pull. Roberto Carlos, no longer in business, was known for the incredible power of his kicks (no, I mean, look here and above all look at it all to see the second shot that really gives the idea of ​​the power of the shot). Free kicks that, it seems, were kicked precisely by hitting the ball with only 3 toes.

In FIFA 14 it is possible to kick and score with this super powerful free kick, so let's see how to do it.

1) Distance to goal, player to use
Take the powerful free kick only from long distance, from 3/4 of the field, halfway between the midfield and the penalty area. Obviously use players who have high shot and power stats, at least above 85 (Messi, Ibra, Balotelli, you all know them).

2) Power of the shot
When you press the shot button you have to fill a little more than 3/4 of the bar (watch the video at the bottom of the guide). This is the right power, a little more and you will shoot high, a little less and most likely the goalkeeper will poke your tongue while picking up the ball that rolls to your feet.

3) Where to shoot
Aim straight at the outside post with respect to your position, or in any case in the direction of the 3rd player in the barrier.

4) Which keys to press
On PS3-PS4
Hold L1, hold the left stick up and then press the shot button

Su Xbox 360 - Xbox One
Hold LB, hold the left stick up and then press the shot button

Note: When you press the left stick up you can SLIGHTLY hold it diagonally to the right or left to give the ball some effect.

Watch this video to see what we just said, in the tab FIFA 14 tricks and guides find instead other guides for this game such as the guide to perform all the celebrations, the feints and more.

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