Location of all Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted cars

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Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted - Guide to unlocking all cars


In Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted there are a large number of cars to drive. The motto of the game is very simple: "if you can find it, you can drive it".

Location of all Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted cars

In this guide we will see where to find all the cars and how to unlock them. Let's get started right away

At the start of the game you will be taken to the location of the first car. The cars to be unlocked have an icon on their roof with the manufacturer's logo. Just approach and press the indicated button to jump aboard the car immediately and have it in your garage. From that moment on you can access it at any time from the EasyDrive menu, each car has its own set of races and upgrades.

Where to find all the cars

First of all you can use this playlist which features a video showing the location of each car, among others you will find:

  • Audi R8 GT Spyder
  • Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
  • Maserati GT MC Stardale
  • Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
  • Aston Martin V12 Vantage
  • BAC Mono
  • Ford Focus RS500
  • Lancia Delta HF Integrall
  • Nissa GT-R Ecoist
  • 911 Porsche 3.0 Turbo
  • Bentley Supersports ISR
  • Chevrolet Corvette ZL1
  • Ariel Atom 500 V8
  • Jaguar XKR
  • Porsche Panamera Tr me S
  • Marussia S2
  • Mitsibishi Evolution X
  • Tesla roadster sport
  • SRT Viper GTS
  • Ford GT
  • Ford Mustang Boss 302
  • Subaru Cosworth Impreza
  • Lamborghini Gallardo
  • Lamborghini Countach
  • Ford Mustang Boss 302
  • Subaru Cosworth Impreza
  • Lamborghini Gallardo
  • Lamborghini Countach
  • BMW M3 Coupe
  • Range Rover
  • Audi A1 Clubsport


But these are not all, so I also advise you to watch these videos where the map is shown with icons that mark the places where you can find all the cars in the game. Good hunting!



Frequently asked questions and answers

Enter any of the following codes on the main menu screen: iammostwanted: Unlock each and every vehicle.
burgerking: Unlock the Burger King challenge.
castrol: Unlock the Castrol Ford GTI.
25 nov two thousand and five.

Criterion Games has revealed the stats for Need for Speed: Most Wanted.
Overall there are going to be forty one vehicles that we are going to be able to drive at full speed passing sixty six speed cameras and smashing one hundred and fifty six billboards.
In addition to this there will be one hundred and thirty-five security gates to cross.
12 oct two thousand twelve

To make the game simpler for you, I name the five best vehicles, not counting the BMW M3, which by acceleration, speed and control, becomes the best.
1- Dodge Viper SRT-ten.
two- Lamborghini Murceguillo.
three- Lamborghini Galán.

The game has the EasyDrive menu to find the location of the races, cars and make performance modifications to them in nitrous, wheels, body, chassis and transmission.
It also provides a direct access to the races and also to exchange cars.

Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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