Location of all collectible badges

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Resident Evil 6 - Simmons Family Crest Guide


The collectibles of Resident Evil 6 are represented by Simmons family crests (we can therefore forget the raccoons of Operation Raccoon City ...)

Location of all collectible badges

In this guide we will see, with the help of excellent videos, where you will find all the badges to collect to unlock the trophy / objective "Heraldry, what a passion".

There are 80 badges in total in the game. There are 20 for each of the 4 playable characters, to be precise you will find 4 in each Chapter. To collect the emblem you will have to shoot it. Once this is done it will be updated in the system right away, so you don't even have to go to the next save to register it. Here are videos showing the exact location of all the badges in the campaign of Leon, Chris, Jake and Ada.

In the videos the gameplay action can only be shown, so they may contain SPOILERS!

Also remember to visit the Resident Evil 6 cheat sheet where you will find other very useful guides on Resident Evil 6.


All coats of arms in the LEON campaign

All badges in Chris's campaign

All badges in the JAKE campaign

All badges in the ADA WONG campaign

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