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As we get closer to Limbo for this review of its version Nintendo Switch, we were a little surprised to remember how much time has passed since the first appearance of the Playdead title. To go back to Limbo's release day, in fact, you have to jump back to 2010: in the summer of the soccer world cup in South Africa and the vuvuzela, Limbo arrived on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, in strict chronological order. . The years that separate us from the first time we played Limbo are therefore eight, many in real life but practically an eternity considering the world of technology. A period of time that for a video game involves the risk of being too old and no longer modern, but this is not the case with Limbo: taking it back in your hand to play it on the Nintendo console, the sensations you have are in fact identical to those try it in 2010. The effort of the Danish team is still today more enjoyable than ever, which is why we do not wait for the final comment of the review to recommend Limbo to those who own Nintendo Switch and have not yet had the opportunity to play it so far.

Story and gameplay: in search of the lost sister

Counting the Limbo reviews present here on it is possible to identify three of them: that of the initial version for Xbox 360, that for Xbox One and the mobile one for iPhone. There are therefore several ways to refresh the history and dynamics of Limbo in more depth, so here we will limit ourselves only to making a brief mention of what awaits those who play this title for the first time on Nintendo Switch. The plot of Limbo sees us engaged in the role of a nameless boy, awakened in a forest from which the title of the game derives. In this place, the protagonist sets out in search of his sister, encountering difficulties along the way represented mainly by creatures and traps intended for some obscure reason to make him a party. The dynamics of Limbo are the classic ones of two-dimensional platform, for which at the time of the release of Limbo the Nintendo school was indicated as a source of inspiration: after so many years, it makes you smile a little to see this game back on a platform created by the Japanese company .

Returning to Limbo gameplay, our character can run and jump, using if necessary some of the elements present in the scenario to solve the puzzles. Except in rare cases, the latter do not offer a particular level of difficulty in terms of reasoning, but it is good to know that Limbo rests its foundation on mechanics "trial end error" old school: it is therefore necessary to have a certain amount of patience to overcome the most difficult points, seeing death as a step to be made to advance in the game and not as a failure. The presence of automatic checkpoints still guarantees the possibility of resuming one's path from a reasonable point, without having to retrace entire levels before returning to the point of one's death.

Conversion for Nintendo Switch

Made due introduction for those unfamiliar with Limbo, let's see how this game performs on Nintendo Switch. Playdead's debut effort fits perfectly in all its aspects with the characteristics of the console, to the point that it seems almost designed for it. The possibility of playing on a normal television at home is obviously one of the options available to the player, but in our opinion it is instead in the configuration on the go of Nintendo Switch that Limbo manages to give its best. To understand the reasons we need to take a look at the style given by Playdead to Limbo, a game of a unique atmosphere built on presence of shadows (including the protagonist) that move on a screen where the image is composed of shades of gray, without resorting to dialogue or other elements. A minimal experience, able to generate a certain level of anguish in the player, corroborated by the bloody deaths that enemies and traps can reserve for our character. Lying in bed in the dark of your room therefore seems to us the best way to get fully involved in Limbo, enjoying with a pair of headphones also the audio effects inserted by the developers but above all its soundtrack. By design choice the latter is never intrusive, but by sharpening the ear it becomes easy to understand how it contributes in a decisive way to make sure that the player does not feel comfortable while going on in Limbo. Even in terms of the quality of the conversion, we did not find any defects: on Nintendo Switch everything works completely properly, remaining anchored on sixty frames per second without drops. We have not received any bugs, confirming the quality work done on this new version of Limbo.


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There are those who age in eight years as if they had passed twice as long, and those who, on the other hand, remain as they were, seeming at times even rejuvenated. The latter is undoubtedly the effect that Limbo has on those who today have the opportunity to play it on Nintendo Switch, even if it has already been tried in the past. For its part, the console allows you to fully enjoy the Playdead title, able to involve particularly if played on the go. If Limbo is missing from your gamer resume and you own a Nintendo Switch, you can't miss this new opportunity.


  • Aged very well in every aspect
  • Stylistically still wonderful
  • It seems born for Nintendo Switch
  • Trial and error not liked by everyone
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