Like EVERYTHING immediately in WWE 2K15: the Accelerator

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How to Unlock EVERYTHING in WWE 2K15: Superstar, Legends, Diva, etc [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3]


There is a very quick way to get everything unlocked in WWE 2K15

Like EVERYTHING immediately in WWE 2K15: the Accelerator

In the WWE 2K15 cheats and guides tab we have already proposed guides that explain how to unlock all the extra elements of the game, such as new fighters, leagues and the like. Obviously the system requires you to continue playing the various events that make up the game, it is the method that I personally recommend but certainly also the longest one.

If you want to do it first and have everything unlocked immediately, you must know that there is a shortcut that can make you have everything immediately, the Accelerator.

As shown in the video below, thanks to the Accelerator (content that can be purchased for a few cents in online shops), in fact, you can unlock ALL the Superstars, Legends, Diva, entrances, arenas and championships, EVERYTHING, immediately and in a single shot.

Important Note: if you have the season pass the Accelerator is already included, so be careful not to buy it again. Watch the video

If, on the other hand, you prefer to earn the unlockables with the sweat of your brow, then follow our guides that explain how to do it, you can find them all in the WWE 2K15 tricks and guides tab.

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