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The latest arrival in the very rich catalog offered by Noodlecake, It's Full of Sparks was born from a decidedly original assumption, which to conspiracy enthusiasts may also appear as a bitter metaphor of life: the protagonists are in fact firecrackers who, realizing the fuse lit on their head, try in every way to reach a pool of water that extinguishes the flame, thus avoiding an immediate departure. Let's leave the burden to others to delve into the (alleged) layering of such a message, and let's focus on the real purpose of this review, which is to find out if It's Full of Sparks is not only a display of bizarre ideas, but also a worthy mobile game. to be discharged.

Firework walk with me

It's Full of Sparks looks very good, and not only for the singular themes we mentioned at the beginning: from the point of view of design and graphics, the work done by the developers of Dabadu Games is really excellent and it impresses positively from the very first bars. The game boasts a minimal aesthetic style that can recall products such as Monument Valley for cleaning the image and taking care of small details, although in this case we notice the use of more lively colors. Also because three colors in particular are also protagonists of the gameplay, as we will see shortly. Basically, It's Full of Sparks behaves like a platform similar to many others on the App Store: during the over 80 levels made available, the user's aim is to reach the finish line as quickly as possible (i.e. the water essential to extinguish the flame) simply by moving the firecracker to the right or left and avoiding obstacles. The player's speed is rewarded with the proverbial three stars obtainable as maximum recognition, and which are also the only factor in the replayability of the title. The peculiarity of It's Full of Sparks comes out when, after the first interlocutors stages, you come into possession of three pairs of red, green and yellow magic glasses capable of making objects of the same shade disappear or appear by pressing the relative button on the right side of the touchscreen.

For example, if your path is blocked by a wall of green spikes, simply tap the similar button to clear the road, taking care to repeat the action immediately afterwards to generate the bridge of the same color needed to continue. As you can imagine, things soon tend to get much more complicated than the situation just described: the variety of elements sensitive to the power of glasses progressively increases, including barriers, trampolines, mobile platforms and so on, and the juxtaposition of the three colors. it forces the user to think fast and act even faster. Without detracting from a commendable level design for how it manages to maintain high standards throughout the course of the adventure, it is undeniable how It's Full of Sparks falls into that category of platformers strongly focused on trial and error dynamics, which are done away with. way more ruthless until reaching the apex in the final stages: if therefore proceeding to attempts to memorize a pattern of actions to be performed perfectly is not part of your conception of fun, know that It's Full of Sparks is absolutely not for you, and indeed risks turning out to be a very frustrating product also due to a control system that is not very precise. However, we always talk about a free title, which also takes advantage of the much-maligned free to play formula in an honest and not stringent way: once the 15 attempts made available at the beginning have been exhausted, it is possible to obtain others by waiting for the recharge, watching an advertising video or consenting when the automatic spots are activated, while paying a one-time fee of € 2,99 will unlock infinite lives.


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It's Full of Sparks can boast several arrows in its bow: a bizarre setting, a very refined audiovisual sector and a gameplay that embraces some typical styles of mobile gaming while introducing several original elements. The result is a product that undoubtedly works, thanks also to a sales model that (for once) does not involve theft through in-app purchases. However, we cannot talk about a perfect title, mainly due to trial and error mechanics that may not please everyone and a less precise control system than necessary.


  • Bizarre but successful setting
  • Very nice graphics and sound
  • Original and valid gameplay
  • Control system not very accurate
  • Tanto trial and error
  • It can be frustrating
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