Levolution transition guide in the Storm map in Paracel

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Battlefield 4 - Levolution: how to wreck the ship in Storm in Paracel


This is the first of a series of guides that offers us a trip to the impressive mutations in real time of the game's multiplayer maps: today we deal with the gigantic ship that engulfs the coast in Storm to Paracel.

Levolution transition guide in the Storm map in Paracel

Playing online on the Battlefield 4 Paracel Storm map you will surely have noticed the mutation that the environment undergoes during the game. This is the new system created by the gentlemen of DICE called Levolution, which introduces a massive change to the map shape during the game that heavily affects the gameplay.

In Storm in Paracel around the middle of the game, the weather changes abruptly regardless of the player's actions. While we play we can witness a terrible storm that, as they say in Oxford, "minte u mare suttasusu" !!! I myself, after dozens of games, I thought the variation was all there, but IT'S NOT THAT.

At one end of the map, in the open sea, there are wind turbines. You will notice that at the foot of one of these there is a large warship. To activate the transition you have to shoot the turbine until it is on fire then, only after the storm has broken out, shoot the base of the wind blade to break it. At this point the ship will begin to move until it is shipwrecked and run aground, overwhelming part of the play area. After the really impressive "scene" (the first time I saw it in person the ship came straight in my butt) players can get on it and use the turrets.

Here are a couple of videos showing how to activate the ship's transition in Storm to Paracel and the mutation itself shot from other angles.

To find out how to activate the Levolution modification of the other maps, check the tab Battlefield 4 cheats which collects all the guides for this game.

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