Levolution guide map Twilight

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Battlefield 4 - Levolution: how to destroy the bridge in Twilight


Let's see how to trigger the Levolution event it does collapse the bridge in the center of the map "Dusk" in Battlefield 4.

Levolution guide map Twilight

In this map of BF4 the Levolution transition that can be activated by the players consists in the collapse of the overpass placed in the center of the game area. To destroy the bridge you will have to go down into the ducts nearby (in the middle of the road you will find open grates) and interact with the valves in order to raise the pressure.

The result will be a large explosion that will hit nearby players and collapse the bridge. This will prevent vehicles from moving from one end of the map to the other using the central route, while providing new cover for the infantry.

Here is a video showing how to activate Levolution and the sequence of the explosion and then the collapse

In the tab Battlefield 4 cheats and guides find Levolution event guides for all other maps.

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