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    Mortal Kombat X: Puzzle solution of the Levers in the Cave of the Spider (Krypt)


    It may not be the most difficult puzzle ever conceived in the history of video games, but we are too picky.

    Leve puzzle guide

    As we have already seen in the complete guide to the unlockables of the Mortal Kombat X Krypt, this area of ​​the game is divided into many sub-areas. One of these is the Spider Cave which can only be accessed after solving a small puzzle.

    In the area you will find levers, each with a different number of spiders printed on the front which essentially number the different levers. To open the door and solve the puzzle, all you have to do is interact with the levers in the right sequence, the following:


    The clue is the number written in blood on one of the cave walls, all of which is shown in this video

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