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The life of the human being is marked by some almost ritual events, which recur after a more or less fixed period of time: think of the role of Sunday within the week, for example, or of holidays such as Christmas. Something very similar also concerns the world of video games and consoles: there may perhaps be a year in which titles such as Just Dance 2019 or Let's Sing 2019? In the face of often very insignificant variations and a novelty factor that is not infrequently completely absent, these are games that people continue to buy, to place under the Christmas tree, and to use to have fun with the family and with the friends: it must mean something. And we also have something to say in ours review Let's Sing 2019: what does the new annual chapter of the series propose to players?

Contents and game modes

This year Let's Sing 2019 has decided to take a clean and minimalist path very similar to the one we have already told you about in the Just Dance 2019 review, not only from the point of view of the main game menu but also of the submenus. Just start the application and everything is ready, a few windows show the main ones game mode and they have also been hierarchically ordered according to their importance: for example, the banner dedicated to creating your profile is smaller, just as those of the Nintendo eShop and settings are equally small. Just the menu dedicated to Nintendo eShop, present in the Let's Sing 2019 version for Nintendo Switch obviously, underlines one of the more obvious shortcomings of the entire production: that of a full-bodied and interesting service like Just Dance Unlimited, which offers access to a very high number of songs at the price of a monthly fee. Six 40 tracks of Let's Sing 2019 unfortunately there are no subscriptions whatsoever or particularly full-bodied packages: the game refers you to the store of the respective console and asks you to buy a certain number of new songs for such small sums, but certainly not from the contents. exciting.

Given this possibility of only partial expansion of game content, Let's Sing 2019 naturally leverages its four game modes main: they are called respectively Classic, Feat., Mixtape and Juke Box, all strictly in English because it is not only one of the most used languages ​​in the world, but also the one that is more fashionable in all contexts (especially in youth). But don't expect who knows what innovations from the point of view of gameplay, and after all, in all likelihood you will not be approaching a traditionalist series like that of Let's Sing to find just that: the Classic mode is precisely the karaoke standard, where you can perform as skilled singers alone or with friends; Feat. Requires a couple of players to sing together and to do it very accurately, because the score will increase according to the singing synchrony between the partners; Mixtape allows you to select your five favorite songs and launch them one after the other; finally the Juke Box is designed to ... listen to the forty songs in Let's Sing 2019 by connecting a pair of headphones to Nintendo Switch. Yes exactly, it is not a game mode, but a simple service for playing the contents and music videos present in the title.

Gameplay: a very special online

Let's Sing 2019 for the moment it seems to have resisted the social drift of recent years quite well: personalization is important, but up to a certain point, while content sharing seems to be completely absent; maybe it's a good thing, at least within a title that explicitly requires a group of people to get together in the same room to let loose in the most classic of karaoke. A online mode is present and is called Let's Sing World Contest: allows you to face other players in the network and thus climb the rankings, but has been handled in a very particular way. It almost seems counterintuitive, but Let's Sing 2019's online mode is asynchronous: it means that, while you probably get the impression, you are not really playing with other people at the same time, but against the recording and against the scores that other people have previously achieved by singing the same song.

Deciding to manage the online sector of the title in a similar way is on the one hand very curious, on the other it could be the result of a precise strategy: that of not ruining the general accuracy local game mode. Let's Sing 2019 is in fact very precise in detecting not only the correctness of the words pronounced by skilled singers, but also tone and timbre of voice, so much so that an indicator on the screen will signal in real time if we are exaggerating with acute or more serious sounds, redirecting us instead towards what should be the main melody. It will not always be easy to manage all these indications in an optimal way, also because the words to be spoken on the screen scroll very quickly and the singers present in the recorded films do not give any discounts whatsoever; moreover, all the pieces present are strictly in English language. It could not be otherwise, because it would be impossible to translate Finesse by Bruno Mars or Mamma mia by ABBA into Spanish without distorting the respective artistic work, but surely the introduction of some current or at least recent song also coming from our country would not be displeased. But no, there aren't any, and you can't even buy them from the store by spending additional amounts.

Game tools: microphone and smartphone

If you are wondering "can I play Let's Sing 2019 holding a real microphone and singing out loud?" the answer is: yes, as long as you buy the version of the title that includes the practical USB microphone or you have a compatible one, for example the one from the previous chapter of the series. The microphone on the other hand is a distinctive object of Let's Sing 2019, but not exclusive: a bit like it already happens in the latest titles of the Just Dance series and in the PlayLink line of PlayStation 4, the developers have thought well that in the pockets of the buyers you are much more likely to find one smartphone instead of a USB microphone.

For this reason you can also play Let's Sing 2019 by downloading the appropriate App from your android or iOS store, and then configuring it properly so that it is connected to the same WiFi network as the console and (more importantly) is able to recognize your voice; this last aspect actually seemed to us the least precise of the entire production, but probably here the performances change according to the operating system, the possession of a more or less recent smartphone, and many other unpredictable factors, not least the game environment.


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Let's Sing 2019 practically does not innovate in any aspect a formula that (apparently) still proves to be able to satisfy the buyers of one of the main video games dedicated to karaoke on the market. However, the writer has a bit of a bitter taste in his mouth: it is not a bad game, perhaps not even a mediocre game, however it seems that the developers of Voxler have limited themselves to carrying out the task quickly without really engaging in what they were doing. The artistic direction, the graphic style and the proposed modalities are all quite anonymous, just as an asynchronous online mode and a progression of levels for the user that leads to unlock the usual handful of avatars, however useless without being accompanied by a minimal possibility of sharing content. Fortunately, the songs proposed are all very well known, which allows Let's Sing 2019 to once again find its place under the Christmas tree. Better if in the version with USB microphone included.


  • Clean and immediate interface
  • Precise detection
  • Forty songs are not a few
  • None of the songs are in Spanish
  • Few game modes, and anonymous ...
  • ... the online one is also asynchronous
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