LEGO The Lord of the Rings - Trophy List [PS3]

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LEGO The Lord of the Rings - Trophy List [PS3]


Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 of LEGO The Lord of the Rings

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



Strength left Men
Complete 'Prologue'.
It's dangerous...
Complete 'The Black Knight'.
It is not a trinket ...
Complete 'Colle Vento'.
The long way
Complete 'The Pass of Caradhras'.
It is not a mine. It is a tomb
Complete 'The Mines of Moria'.
Let's go hunting for Orcs!
Complete 'Amon Hen'.
On the Treasury ...
Complete 'Tamed Gollum'.
Light and fast as shadows ...
Complete 'The Dead Marshes'.
I will keep you safe
Complete 'On the Trail of the Hobbits'.
Fetide creature...
Complete 'The Werewolf Attack'.
The battle is about to begin
Complete 'Helm's Deep'.
A Sorcerer has more criteria!
Completa 'Osgiliath'.
Naughty Moscow ...
Complete 'The Secret Staircase'.
We did it, Master Frodo
Complete 'Cirith Ungol'.
They have been summoned
Complete 'Paths of the Dead'.
With you and with which army?
Complete 'The Battle of the Pelennor Fields'.
Today we fight!
Complete 'The Black Gate'.
He's gone
Complete 'Mount Fact'.
Of all the nosy hobbits ...
Unlock all the Statues on the Middle-earth map. (Single player only)
They dug too greedily
Get over tokens. (Single player only)
I am happy to be with you
Complete a co-op level.
Don't tell the Elf
Cast Gimli 30 times.
If I can, I'm looking for a fish!
Fishing with perfect timing 20 times.
This is a rare gift
Reach the top of Amon Hen without letting Boromir catch you. (Single player only)
And off he goes, Honey!
As Gollum, defeat Gollum.
But the second breakfast?
Complete 2 cooking mini-games.
This counts as mine!
As Legolas, finish off an opponent of Gimli in 'Helm's Deep'.
I've always been taller!
Use the Water of the Ent on Pippin.
We cannot delay
Complete 'The Mines of Moria' in under 15 minutes.
The dance of the dead
Turn an enemy into a skeleton and make him dance.
Elven prince.
As Legolas, defeat 42 Uruk-hai.
Great. Where are we going?
Form the Fellowship of the Ring.
Hobbit a Isengard!
Join Isengard as every playable Hobbit.
An Unexpected Journey
As Bilbo, make your way to the Troll Woods.
The Return of the King of Mushrooms.
As Aragorn, equip the Mushroom Crown.
More valuable than the Shire
Dress up a character with only treasure items.
I told you he was deceiving
Collect all the red bricks. (Single player only)
Here is a pretty item!
Build all items in Mithril. (Single player only)
Not even with ten thousand men ...
Unlock all characters. (Single player only)
Ready for another adventure
Achieve Authentic Adventurer in every level. (Single player only)
The Lord of the Ring.
Complete the bonus level.
My treasure...
Collect all Mithril Bricks. (Single player only)
There is good in this world
Complete all missions in Middle-earth. (Single player only)
Andata e ritorno
Reach 100%. (Single player only)
One ring to build them all.
Collect all trophies.


LEGO The Lord of the Rings Secret Trophies

It is not easy to enter
Enter Mordor.
However it counts for one!
As Legolas, defeat an Olifant.
It won't be that easy!
During the 'Prologue', jump into the flames of Mount Doom as Isildur.
A union with the elements
Build the arches of ice and fire. (Single player only)
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