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    LEGO The Hobbit - Trophy List [PS4-PS3]

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    LEGO The Hobbit - Trophy List [PS4-PS3]


    Here is the list of LEGO The Hobbit Playstation 3 Trophies

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



    A city reduced to ashes
    Complete 'The Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth'
    In a hole in the earth ...
    Complete 'An Unexpected Party'
    In the hole it had come out of
    Complete '' Azog the Defiler ''
    Hard as stone!
    Complete '' Roast mutton ''
    It's more of a letter opener, I'd say.
    Complete '' The Treasure of the Trolls ''
    More than a storm!
    Complete `` Up the Hill and Under the Hill ''
    I will be defeated ...
    Complete '' City of Goblins ''
    The worst is over
    Complete `` From the pan ... ''
    What do you need?
    Complete '' Bizarre Accommodations ''
    Attercop! Attercop!
    Complete '' Flies and Spiders ''
    Escape from the King's prisons
    Complete '' Desoldered Barrels ''
    The Return of the King of the Mountain
    Complete '' A Warm Welcome ''
    He is summoning his servants
    Complete 'Proofs Needed'
    It is undoubtedly a trap
    Complete '' The Necromancer ''
    Time for rewards
    Complete `` On the threshold ''
    Think of a furnace with wings
    Complete '' Secret Information ''
    Sunday burglar
    Collect 99 loot
    Wealth lies in the earth
    Complete the mining game 50 times
    Friends before gold
    Attack 50 times as a group
    Team building
    Use all of Thorin's Fellowship Dwarves in a group attack
    Magician of pennies tricks
    Use Gandalf's fright ability to dazzle 50 enemies
    The Lord of the Ball
    Get: Dazzling wig, Mithril musical wand and Mithril dance boots.
    Dawn of the Mushroom King
    Equip Thorin with the Mithril Mushroom Crown
    Master Builder
    Get 150.000 Tokens from Guided Build Bonuses (Single Day Only)
    Share an adventure
    Go a level in cooperation
    The roar of the bear
    Transform yourself into the bear version of Beorn
    And what is this hideous creature?
    Create a custom character
    I work in the villages of Men
    Collect all blueprints (single day only)
    Doilies and plates from your mother
    Collect all the valuable items of the levels
    Objects of great beauty
    Forge all precious items in Mithril (single day only)
    Inestimably rich
    Collect Tokens (Single Day Only)
    That's why a burglar!
    Obtain all Master Burglar titles (single day only)
    Passo da Gigante di Pietra
    Complete the bonus level
    A happy gathering
    Collect all characters (single g only)
    To find the enchanted golds
    Collect all minikits (single g only)
    '' The Defender of the People ''
    Complete all missions in Middle-earth
    Greed of the Dwarves
    Collect all Mithril Bricks (Single Day Only)
    The unmatched skill of the Dwarves
    Forge all the perfect precious items in Mithril (single g only)
    100% complete
    The road always goes on
    Collect all trophies
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