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La LEGO Star Wars Battles review for Apple Arcade comes within a short distance of our evaluation of Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls, and it's interesting how both of these titles boast a similar history: launched in soft launch on iOS and Android in the traditional freemium format long ago, they have been rethought to be able to land. exclusively on Apple's subscription platform.

In the case of the title developed by TT Games and produced by Warner Bros., however, we are talking about a real Clash Royale clone, which incorporates both the mechanics and the structure of the Supercell blockbuster, adapting them, however, to a cast of characters and scenarios that come from the rich lore of Star Wars.

What will have come out of this curious mix?

Gameplay: The Clone Wars

LEGO Star Wars Battles, a battle in the middle of the action

As said, the gameplay of LEGO Star Wars Battles takes to the letter that of Clash Royale (review here), thus interpreting the MOBA formula in a substantially more immediate and quick-to-use format. The map develops vertically, in favor of smartphones and there are no main or secondary lanes, but only bases to be destroyed in order to obtain victory.

Strictly in multiplayer online, the matches can count on a very fast matchmaking, able to find an opponent in a few seconds. Then it will be up to our tactical skills, our readiness and the power of our troops (which can be improved with double cards and coins, as in the Supercell title), belonging to the Light Side or the Dark Side, to make the difference on the battlefield.

In the lower part of the screen there is an energy indicator that fills with the passing of the seconds and allows you to call up different units, ranging from heroes (the various Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda, Boba Fett, Princess Leia and Captain Phama) to characters such as Porg, Rebels, Durosian fighters, standard or incendiary Stormtroopers, to finally arrive at TIE fighters and Y-Wings.

Positioned in the scenario, our warriors will move autonomously towards the closest target, whether it is the main enemy base or its towers. The heroes have special abilities subject to cooldowns that can be of great help in resolving clashes quickly, but otherwise the rules are exactly the same as in Clash Royale, with the only difference being a wider path and a central tower which increases the range when you conquer it.


LEGO Star Wars Battles, Heroes and standard units face off

Also on the front of the structure the similarities with the Supercell title are many, even if in the case of LEGO Star Wars Battles le maps that can be unlocked by leveling up are many more and once again draw on the rich lore of the film saga: it starts from Jakku and then arrives at Endor and gradually visits other planets: Geonosis, Hoth, Takodana, Kashyyyk, Naboo and Kamino , with more locations on the way.

The feeling is that, even in the face of the largest number of locations, the progression system be a little slower and more reasoned. It is also interesting to note the implications of the conversion to a premium experience compared to the freemium dynamics of the beginnings, as happened with the aforementioned Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls (here the review). Specifically, the unlocking of the chests can be speeded up simply by playing and you get a lot of hard currency with which to buy cards and Heroes.

Technical realization

LEGO Star Wars Battles, the battle rages in the central part of the map

The LEGO series has a long tradition now, with consolidated aspects that we also find in LEGO Star Wars Battles. There is obviously no room in the battles to represent somehow the humor typical of the franchise, but the animations related to the construction of the towers and in general the design of the units are exactly as we expected - great. The incidence of the scenarios is less brilliant, mostly because they are limited to being the backdrop to the clashes.

La colonna sonora once again takes up the music of John Williams and effectively adapts them to the context, from the option screens to the actual in-game action, but it is in general the entire sound sector that appears well-finished and exciting for Star Wars fans. Finally, you can play using a controller Bluetooth, but the touch controls are excellent and you will hardly want to take advantage of this possibility.


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LEGO Star Wars is a Clash Royale clone that can count on the popularity of the characters and settings of the famous film saga, on its splendid music and on the now consolidated design based on plastic bricks of the LEGO series. In short, we are certainly not talking about an original title, on the contrary, those who have spent hundreds of hours on the Supercell blockbuster may immediately feel a certain tiredness, but the experience appears rather solid and the supporting numbers are convincing. Another great addition to the Apple Arcade catalog, ultimately.


  • Definitely proven gameplay
  • Lots of characters, lots of scenarios to unlock
  • Great graphics and music by John Williams
  • Virtually identical to Clash Royale
  • No relevant news
  • A little slow progression
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