Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Trophy List [PS3]

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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Trophy List [PS3]


Here is the Trophies list for Playstation 3 of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


The curse of the first moon
Complete the Story of Movie 1.
The Forziere
Complete the Story of Movie 2.
On the edge of the world
Complete the Story of Movie 3.
Beyond the Borders of the Sea
Complete the Story of Movie 4.
Here are the monsters
Get eaten by a sea creature in deadly waters.
Keep an eye on the horizon
Use a telescope.
The Green Glow
Watch a sunset.
Welcome to the Caribbean!
Complete Port Royal.
Hi Dolly!
Unlock all Elizabeth characters (Single Player Only).
The best pirate ever
Complete Port Royal in Story mode without dying.
The worst pirate ever
Complete Port Royal in Story Mode with zero tokens.
Quite a kind of track
Complete the Brotherhood Council.
Pirate life is for me
Try any custom character.
Ugly grumpy bitch!
Complete all Watchdog levels.
Try wearing a corset
Do 5 back flips in a row with a female character.
Do you understand?
Unlock all Jack Sparrow characters (Single Player Only).
Wind in the sails!
Hit a flying parrot in Smuggler's Lair.
Have you all seen it?
Dive into the Maelstrom from above.
Mr. yes, captain!
Play a level in co-op.
Gentlemen, on the march
Walk on the bottom of the sea with all possible characters.
I am a bad man
Play a level with all Extras activated (Single Player Only).
Fight to the death!
Defeat 100 enemies.
Five lashes are due
With Jimmy Legs, whip Will Turner 5 times.
Shoot 100 cannonballs.
You are outside the boundaries of the map
Find the 6th secret spot on the 4 level selection maps (Single Player Only).
Believe in ghost stories
Unlock all cursed characters of the Black Pearl (Single Player Only).
Do you fear death?
Unlock all the characters of the Flying Dutchman (Single Player Only).
The pirate everyone fears
Unlock all characters in Queen Anne's Revenge (Single Player Only).
You can throw my hat
Collect all red hats (Single Player Only).
  The Brotherhood Council
Unlock all Pirate Lord characters (Single Player Only).
What do you want most?
In any level, use only the compass to find all its secrets on your own.
Unlock all characters (Single Player Only).
Great filibustieri
Play using all the Extra characters.
Pieces of eight
Reach 888,888,888 Tokens.
Here's the Jack I know
Reach Authentic Pirate on all levels (Single Player Only).
Yes, sea turtles
Ride all kinds of animals in the game.
Hello, little beast
Get eaten 10 times by the Kraken.
Now take me to the horizon
Complete the game 100% (Single Player Only).
Straight to the goal
Collect all Gold Bricks (Single Player Only).
Now the flag!
Navigate the center with all the minikits.
Platinum Trophy
Collect all Trophies.


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