Lego Lord of the Rings - Guide to find all the Red Bricks

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Lego Lord of the Rings - Guide to find all the Red Bricks


The new I bind the Lord of the Rings follows the tradition of the series and among the various collectibles to be collected throws in the heap also this time the red bricks.

Everything works as in the previous chapters: the red bricks to be found are 20 in total and are found by completing the missions in which you are asked to forge a particular Mithril object.

The red bricks, once found and bought, allow you to unlock the various tricks in the relative menu of the game, but if you don't want to find all the red bricks one by one, to unlock the same tricks just enter the codes you find in the our article dedicated to the tricks of Lego the Lord of the Rings.

As you can see from the list of codes however, there are some tricks for which there is no code, they are these:

Multiplier x4 (video)
Multiplier x6 (video)
Multiplier x8 (video)
Multiplier x10 (video)
Invincibility (video, 10:07 minutes)

To activate these tricks you must necessarily find the related red bricks, there is no other way.

The video below and those linked in the list above shows the position of these red bricks, how to reach them, which characters to use and also how to find the related Mithril bricks.


If, on the other hand, you really intend to find ALL the red bricks, the following video shows the position of each one. This way you can unlock the Achievement / Trophy:

I told you he was deceiving Collect all the red bricks. (Single player only) 

good luck to all.

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