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    Lego Batman 3 Bonus Level Guide

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    Lego Batman 3: Bonus Level Guide Same bat-hour, same bat-channel!


    As per healthy tradition, Lego Batman 3 Gotham and beyond also contains its handsome bonus level.

    Lego Batman 3 Bonus Level Guide

    In this new chapter of the Lego series it is a little easier to unlock the extra level: to have the chance to play it, you just need to complete the 15 Chapters of the Story mode.

    When you do, then go to the Batcave and follow the trail of tokens that will take you straight to the entry point of the bonus level. When you arrive at the circular room with the bookcase, shoot the small white column with the bust above to reveal the secret passage behind the bookcase.

    Here begins the bonus (final) level of Lego Batman 3 Gotham and beyond, follow the video to see exactly how to find it and how to complete it.

    Remember to also consult the Lego Batman 3 Gotham and Beyond cheats and guides tab for other guides on this game.

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