Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes - Gold Bricks Guide [Signorino]

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Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes - Gold Bricks Guide [Signorino]


I'll tell you right away (just to discourage the otherwise reckless, in the sense that they are committed to not making a pizza) find all the golden bricks of Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes it is a beautiful and sumptuous ROGNA. It is for this reason that in this guide dedicated to these collectibles of the new chapter of the LEGO series we will try to provide all the necessary advice to make the company possible.

The collection of gold bricks has a great importance in the economy of the game: not only will we be able to unlock an achievement / trophy:

Signorino - Collect all golden bricks (Single player only)

but without them we will not be able to unlock the most important characters of the game (the Heroes) like Superman, Aquaman, Batgirl and others (for more details see the complete guide to unlock all characters).

The golden bricks to collect are 250 in total, it is impossible to make a guide to show the position of each, but below you can see where and how to find them. First of all it is good to know that:

  • 15 you will get them by completing all levels of the campaign (1 x level)
  • 15 you will get them by reaching "Super Hero" status in each level of the pitch or in free play (1 x level)
  • 15 you will get them by collecting all the Minikits (guide to find all the Minikits) in all levels of the campaign (1 x level)
  • 50 you will get them by saving citizens in danger (guide to citizens in danger) (1 x rescued citizen)
  • 1 you will get it by unlocking and completing the secret bonus level
  • the remaining 154 are scattered around Gotham City (details below)

Obviously it is not possible to indicate the exact location of each of the remaining 154 Gold Bricks, but we can give you some tips to find the most difficult ones and tips on how and where to look to catch all the others.

Let's start with the most difficult of all, the 250th Golden Brick. This is found in the bonus secret level also called Gotham Toy. To find the secret level and get this golden brick, follow the dedicated guide.

Another example of how the bricks are hidden in the game can be seen in the following video. Before starting Level 3: Antics Arkham Asylum, there are traffic cones at the parking lot of the amusement park, run over them with your vehicle to get the golden brick.

As you move through the levels of the game, be careful to notice groups of jumping objects. By destroying them all you should get some gold bricks. If you have a hard time destroying the last item in the group, try the laser sight of the Superman character.

Also you can get several gold bricks by going to the amusement park area and trying out the various rides and attractions, many of which hide gold bricks.

Use the scan in the map often which will show you the position of any Golden Bricks in its range. Also remember to activate the "Golden Bricks Detector" trick, thanks to which you will have signaled the presence of any Golden Bricks in your vicinity. (to activate the cheat follow the game cheat codes guide).

In general, remember to always interact with the environment and / or destroy the various objects (see example of the cones), with a little luck and a lot of perseverance you could succeed in this very difficult undertaking.


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