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    Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 - Boss Guide / Walkthrough


    Dracula also has his demons. Let's see how to break them all up ...

    Lead Boss Battles

    As in the previous chapter, also in Castlevania Lord of Shadows 2 we will have to face and beat a long series of bosses at the end of the level. These fights will not be easy, and in some cases we will need specific skills and weapons to get the better of the followers of the evil one and other stinking creatures.

    Below you will find the list of all the bosses of the game with links to videos showing the weapons, skills and in general the best strategies to use to match them all.

    Important: see the Castlevania Lord of Shadow 2 cheats and guides tab for other guides on this game.

    Boss Solution: The Golden Paladin

    Boss Solution: Stone Golem

    Boss Solution: Trevor Belmont

    Boss Solution: Raisa Volkova

    Boss Solution: Gorgon

    Boss Solution: Carmilla

    Boss Solution: Agreus

    Boss solution: daughter of satan

    Boss Solution: The Toymaker

    Boss Solution: Abaddon

    Boss Solution: Victor Belmont

    Boss Solution: Inner Dracula

    Boss Solution: Knights of the Storm

    Boss Solution: Tooth

    Final Boss Solution: Alucard / satan

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