LA Noire - Guide to find all newspapers

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LA Noire - Guide to find all newspapers

Here is the position of all the newspapers


During the story mode of LA Noire we will find scattered in the various cases of the newspapers positioned a more or less passage point in the various lacoations that we are going to visit.

These newspapers are 13 in all and finding them all will be useful both to know important details of the plot but also if you intend to complete the game 100%.

So here is the list of all newspapers with the case and the location where you can find them.

Journal No. 1
Department: Patrol
Caso: "Upon Reflection"
Where it is: In the alley of the first scene, on the right above the boxes

Journal No. 2
Department: Traffic
Caso: "The Driver's Seat"
Location: In the Black house, in the dining room, on the table.

Journal No. 3
Department: Traffic
Caso: "A Marriage Made In Heaven"
Location: Inside Ray's Cafe, opposite Dudley Lynch.

Journal No. 4
Department: Traffic
Caso: "The Fallen Idol"
Location: At the Silver Screen Props, on a work table in the alley outside.

Journal No. 5
Department: Homicides
Caso: "The Red Lipstick Murder"
Location: Inside Henry's Mansion, it is located on the floor at the entrance.

Journal No. 6
Department: Homicides
Caso: "The White Shoe Slaying"
Location: At Hobo Camp, inside Stuart Ackerman's hut.

Journal No. 7
Department: Narcotics
Caso: "The Black Caesar"
Where it is: Inside the Ramez Traslochi warehouse, along the wall.

Journal No. 8
Department: Vise
Caso: "The Set-Up"
Location: Inside the American Legion Stadium, on the training table.

Journal No. 9
Department: Narcotics
Caso: "Manifest Destiny"
Location: Outside Haskell's Finest Men's Wear, in the alley where the shooting takes place, after the place where the first person is killed.

Journal No. 10
Department: Arson
Caso: "A Walk In Elysian Fields"
Where it is: At Morelli's burnt house, follow the right side of the fence, it is on the ground in the corner.

Journal No. 11
Department: Arson
Caso: "A Polite Invitation"
Location: Inside Leland Monroe's mansion, after the fight, look in his office to find the newspaper on the table.

Journal No. 12
Department: Arson
Caso: "A Different Kind Of War"
Location: Inside the Rapid Exterminators building, as you enter, on the table opposite.

Journal No. 13
Department: Arson
Caso: "A Different Kind Of War"
Location: In Dr. Fontaine's surgery center, at the crime scene. The newspaper is on Fontaine's table.

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