LA Noire - Guide to 30 famous places

LA Noire - Guide to 30 famous places

We unlock "Map of the Stars"


In the Los Angeles of LA Noire they are scattered around the city of places of particular interest, such as ancient bridges or important buildings that are referred to in the game as "famous places". Finding and unlocking all 30 famous places will allow you to get the "Star Map" achievement which in fact asks to discover all these places.

To do this, you simply have to drive your car past it. The following video guide shows, for each of these places, two images of the map plus a short video that will help you find them all. Have a good panoramic tour!

Please note: I advise you to watch the video in full screen and 720p (HD) to better consult the map shit contained in the video. To do this, just click on the icon with the 4 arrows at the bottom right of the player.

LA Noire - Guide to 30 famous places
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