Kojima Productions: audio recordings of the new project have begun

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Almost a year has passed since the release of Death Stranding, the last videogame work born from the genius of Hideo Kojima. The game, equally appreciated and criticized for its deeply innovative gameplay dynamics, had marked the return in style of the father of the historic series. Metal Gear. Today, twelve months after its launch and with little - or no - information about the new projects under development by di Kojima Productions, it would finally seem that something is finally moving within the Japanese studio.

To reveal it is Ludvig Forssell, composer and audio director of Kojima Productions who, in a post on his Twitter account, showed and announced the recording sessions for a new project not yet disclosed. As you can see from the photo at the bottom of the article, the members of the orchestra and the studio staff wear a mask and it is Forssell himself who reveals that these are the first recordings made during the pandemic da COVID-19. An undoubtedly positive signal that demonstrates how the health emergency - still underway - has not jeopardized the company's plans and deadlines.

As per Kojima's tradition, it is obviously not known what project it is. Since last June, the month in which the Japanese producer had published some tweets that appeared to be direct allusions to a can sequel of Death Stranding, a profound silence has fallen on the work in development of Kojima Productions and for this reason it is not possible to contextualize or at least try to trace these recordings to a specific project. At this point, we just have to wait for the next few months to find out what is cooking inside the software house and to have confirmations (or denials) regarding the actual existence of a direct follow-up to one of the most discussed titles of recent years. .

First “COVID recording” this year (for undisclosed project). Super happy with the results! pic.twitter.com/bpMrD3jAOB

- Ludvig Forssell (@Ludvig_Forssell) October 21, 2020

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