Kingdom Hearts: is the TV series coming to Disney +?

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Kingdom Hearts was born as a collaboration between Square Enix e Disney, as the characters of the saga belong to the narrative universes of both companies, along with other originals (if we exclude the third chapter). However, it now seems that Disney wants to create a TV series dedicated to the title ready to land on Disney +, or at least that's what Cinema Spot's Emre Kaya tweeted recently. We therefore attach the post below.

There is a #KingdomHearts series in the works at Disney +.

Disney originally wanted to make it but that didn't work out, so Square Enix was asked to create a pilot using Unreal Engine.

This series is most likely not live-action, but CG animated. They're currently casting.

- Emre Kaya | #BlackLivesMatter (@Vullein) May 26, 2020

I originally wanted to post an article as an exclusive, but it seems other insiders have heard about this, so I think I'll just tweet it, I think.

Disney originally wanted to do this series but it didn't work, so they asked Square Enix to create a pilot episode using the Unreal Engine. The series will therefore not be a live-action, but will be animated through Computer Graphics, at the moment they are in the casting phase.

This rumor, because that's what it is, was also reported by the directors of MCU Cosmic and DisInsider: Jeremy Conrad e Skyler Student. The latter also reported rumors that Disney would like the original Kingdom Hearts voice actors on the staff dedicated to the product.

Been tagged in Jeremys post (which is true), so here's what I know:

-Kingdom Hearts will be a Disney + series, not a movie.

-It's animated (CG)

-Disney VO actors are expected to reprise their roles (Jim Cummings, Bill Farmer, Tony Anselmo)

All I know.

- Skyler Shuler (@SkylerShuler) May 26, 2020

I was tagged in Jeremy's post (which is truth), so here's what I know:

- Kingdom Hearts will be a TV series for Disney +, not a movie

- It will be animated (CG)

- Disney voice actors will reprise their membership roles (Jim Cummings, Bill Farmer, Tony Anselmo)

This is all I know.

Furthermore, by way of confirmation, it must be said that back in 2015 it had already been declared by DidYouKnowGaming? that Disney was in the process of creating an action role-playing TV series, but the idea was discarded due to the huge plot difference between the original and the one written for the small screen. Obviously, the series at the moment has not yet been confirmed by those in charge, so we just have to wait for official news from Disney and the mother software house of the title.

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