Killer is Dead: How to Unlock X-Ray Glasses [360-PS3]

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Killer is Dead: How to Unlock X-Ray Glasses [360-PS3]


One of the most coveted unlockable extras (well, yes, I would say absolutely the most coveted) of Killer is dead they are definitely the X-ray glasses that allow us to see through things (mainly through the clothes of the protagonists of the game, which is enough and more).

The procedure to unlock the "Cat's eyes" glasses is a bit complex, but not as difficult as it may seem at first glance, let's see how to do it.

To get the glasses you have to complete the Scarlett's challenge, but you will not have access to it if you have not accumulated at least first 1000 Guts. The Guts are the rewards that are obtained by completing the various challenges of the game, you will have from 100 to 200 Guts for each completed challenge. These challenges, in turn, are unlocked by finding Scarlett images scattered throughout the game levels. Yes, I said it was complex.

Let's recap for those who got lost on the way:

1) find collectible Scarlett images (unlock challenges, follow the guide to find Scarlett)
2) complete the unlocked challenges until you get more than 1000 Guts
3) complete Scarlett's challenge to get the X-ray Goggles (at least 1000 Guts required)
4) use the "Cat's eyes" glasses in Gigolo mode and have fun

here is a video that shows what has just been said

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