Jump Force: here are 10 characters we would like to see in future DLCs

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Jump Force, home fighting game Bandai Namco, is close to the exit. The game, Developed by the well-known Japanese company Spike Chunsoft, contains a total of 40 playable characters from the numerous manga series released in the magazine Shonen Jump. As often happens on these occasions, many characters are inevitably cut off, displeasing most of the fans. Sure that the season pass will add 9 additional characters over time (but it is not said that more DLCs will be added in the future), below you will find the list of the ten characters that we would like to see in Jump Force already with the next updates.


Hit is the strongest fighter of the 6th universe. We have seen it several times in the saga of Dragon Ball Super put the likes of Goku, Vegeta and Jiren in difficulty. Calm, taciturn and mysterious, Hit takes full advantage of the "time jump”A technique that allows him to stop time for 0,1 seconds in which he attacks the opponent's property.

Yoh Asakura

The young protagonist of the manga "Shaman King”Is a 14-year-old boy with the ability to see and control ghosts. Direct descendant of an ancient lineage of Japanese shamans, Yoh possesses a strength and agility superior to that of an ordinary human being and is always supported by his guardian spirit in combat Amidamaru.


Ikki (this is his real name) is one of the five bronze knights protagonists of the series "The Zodiac Knights"Strong in the armor of the one he wears, or that of the constellation of the phoenix, he masters deadly techniques such as the"evil ghost"And the"wings of the phoenix". Additionally, the unique armor she wears has the power to self-repair damage taken during battle.


Hiei is one of the 5 protagonists of the manga "Yu of ghosts". Skilled and ruthless demon boasts a vast repertoire of secret techniques including the fearsome and lethal "black dragon fire”With which he can wipe out any opponent. Another secret weapon available to Hiei is the "third eye" which allows him to increase his powers and find whatever he is looking for.

Rin Okumura

Rin Okumura is the young protagonist of the manga "Blue exorcist". Son of the union between Satan and a human woman. The powers inherited from his father are manifested when he draws his sword Kurikara which gives him, in addition to power, a demon appearance, long elf ears and the blinding blue flames that surround him.


Rei, which we saw in action in the very famous series "Ken the warrior", Is a fighter belonging to the"Sacred School of Nanto". His techniques are precise and lethal, worthy of the Nanto waterbird. Rei will help his friend Kenshiro in his battle against the fearsome Raoul and will die after avenging the honor of his beloved Mamiya.

All Might

All Might he is considered the strongest hero in the universe in the manga "My Hero Academia". Toshinori Yagi, this is his real name, he presents himself as the most classic of super heroes: endowed with an extraordinary physical shape, powerful muscles and a smile always on his face. Due to the injuries sustained during the various battles, his powers are "limited" meaning he can only use them for three hours a day.

Gintoki Sakata

Gintoki Sakata is the protagonist of the series "Gintama". Gintoki is a samurai who lives in an age where no one needs samurai anymore. Thanks to his incredible skills in the use of the sword and his silver hair he is also known by the name of "White Demon".

Allen Walker

Allen Walker it's a Exorcist of English origins and protagonist of the series "D.Gray-man". His misshapen left arm is actually a powerful weapon, as it can take the form of a cannon or transform into a steel arm with long claws. Also, when he reaches 100% of his powers, Allen can detach his left arm and turn it into a sword with which he exorcises demons.


Senkuu is a young and brilliant scientist protagonist of the manga "Dr stone". Awakened from a thousand-year-long sleep of stone, Senkuu is endowed with a strong sense of justice, a brilliant mind, and is a continual source of inspiration to those around him.

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