Jump Force - Guide to choosing between Team Alpha, Beta or Gamma?

Jump Force, branded fighting game Bandai Namco and dedicated to the Japanese weekly Shonen Jump, is finally available. Today we help you make an important choice: Team Alpha, Team Beta o Gamma Team?!

Team Alpha

Team Alpha is led by Goku (Dragon Ball), with support from Junior. Gaara e Sand (from Naruto) e Roronoa zoro (One Piece) complete the team.

Team Beta

Team Beta is mostly based on One Piece characters, then Monkey D. Luffy, Sanji e Boa hancock, but the young man is also present Boruto (Naruto's son).

Gamma Team

Kakashi e Sasuke accompany Naruto in the Gamma Team, to which he also belongs Sabo (One Piece) and the future version of Trunks (Dragon Ball Z).

The differences between the Jump Force teams

Assuming that at the time of choosing the team you have already created your custom character, and chosen his fighting style, the only influence in terms of gameplay is the starting ability.

Your fighter will inherit the starting skills of the leaders of each of the 3 teams present, so, for example, choosing Team Alpha will result in the attack Kamehameha of Goku, the 1080 Passions of the Phoenix of Zoro, theDesert Explosive Flood of Gaara and the Bomb of Light by Junior.

It should be noted that every single attack (o power), of any other character present in Jump Force, can be purchased in the in-game shop.

Regardless of the choice you make, we emphasize that owning bindings Kamehameha e Rasengan that's all well and good, because they have a great range and can also be chained at the end of a Rush Combo.

Before saying goodbye, we refer you to the Review of the title and to our Guide to all the Characters present!

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Jump Force: the Deluxe Edition coming to Nintendo Switch in 2020 ❯
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