Is WiLD still in development? Wild Sheep Studio reopens hiring

Remember WiLD, the open world based on the survival instinct of the human race, presented in theAugust of the 2014 during Gamescom? Well, after years of radio silence, there seem to be new clues that give us hope that, sooner or later, we will actually be able to play the title that, at the time, was presented as exclusive PlayStation 4. The developers of Wild Sheep Studio in fact they seem to be still working on their creature, at least according to the company's LinkedIn page, from which we learn that the firm is in the process of hiring new professional figures. The position sought is that of a senior programmer, to which the following is requested:

  • You will iteratively design and develop innovative and systemic features that will provide a fun experience to the player.
  • You will work with proprietary technology with a large code base and existing tools
  • You will work closely with game designers and other programmers
  • You will develop game features and propose improvements
  • You will design and develop new technologies to improve productivity and quality
  • You will analyze and optimize the performance of the code

WiLD is set in a period ranging from 10.000 to 2.500 BC, during the period of Neolithic and it is the result of the brilliant mind of Michel Ancel, the man to whom franchises of the likes of Rayman e Beyond Good & Evil. Players will move in a procedurally generated environment, the size of which could even be compared to that of an entire continent on Earth. They will take on the role of a human being able to collaborate with animals of different sizes and dimensions (and species) in order to survive and improve the quality of life of their tribe. The animals can be controlled through some shamanic-type powers: creatures, once possessed, can be controlled in first person, taking advantage of all their abilities. Other aspects of the project should include a dynamic climate system in relation to the seasons of the planet, an online multiplayer mode and the ability to play by controlling any animal in the WiLD game world.

At the bottom of the news the official trailer of WiLD presented at Gamescom in 2014. Before leaving you to the movie we remember how already in September of the 2015 we were forced to point out that WiLD was still in development (the radio silence of the developers after the presentation of the trailer was almost instantaneous). Finally, speaking of projects apparently disappeared (or canceled) and returned to life, you knew that for a few hours Konami confirmed that the tactical shooter Six Days in Fallujah will it be released by the end of this year?

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