Interpoint - Preview, a horror that discovers travel between dimensions

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In recent days we have had the opportunity to put our hands on Interpoint, an indie title puzzle which presents multiple horror elements inside. Developed by the small studio Three Dots, it is a curious experience in which the player has the opportunity to travel through parallel worlds with the aim of discovering what is hidden inside the Delta Laboratories. At the moment, the game is on Early Access since April 2019 on Steam, however in the last year and a half the team has used its efforts to rework various elements of Interpoint: although the game menu is raw at first glance, what is hidden - even in technical terms - behind this title literally surprised us, also because our expectations did not aim too high. Right now the work is just composed 3 chapters, however in the future the adventure will be expanded and updated in this sense.

The interdimensional journeys

The adventure is immediately characterized by its incredible scenery: in fact we are immediately catapulted into the near future, to be exact in the 2032. We will find ourselves in a fascinating scientific society called Delta Laboratories, which in particular deals with the study of parallel dimensions, and we will take on the role of Harry German, apparently a simple employee of the company who in the last period has used his strength to conceive a project that should have benefited all mankind; however something has definitely gone wrong and now the man is locked away from his home. First, we are greeted by a scientist called Eugene, however, we have no way of making eye contact with him; we are alone. An interesting part of Interpoint is undoubtedly the comic tone which contrasts with the most disturbing moments of the game: as often happens in many stories of this type, in fact, at a certain point in the plot the humor drops drastically to make room for other sensations commonly belonging to the horror genre. The latter is an element that has been well taken care of and certainly well thought out, despite the dubbing and the interpretation in general did not drive us crazy.

The backbone of the game are basically i dimensional travel: it will be possible to cross other dimensions to find clues and discover how these worlds are connected to each other. Exploration is no coincidence it is by no means limited. It is not a question of wandering between multiple little detailed scientific stations and each one the same, on the contrary, together with Harry we will be able to discover various locations well diversified and each interesting in its own way, with a noteworthy attention to detail and design. To give just a couple of examples, during the advancement of the plot we pass from going through adark forest to visit i temples of some ancient civilizations.

One puzzle at a time

As regards instead the gameplay, we would like to say that much of the attention in this regard has been devoted to the mechanics of the Photon Gun: it is basically a device capable of absorbing various types of energy from the objects in the surrounding environment, and along the plot it is essential to solve the various puzzles (for example, the gun in question is used to melt the glass with radiation , blocking enemies using the force field, finding secret passages, and many other purposes). In addition to this, it is easy to see how the game and the difficulty are progressively evolving very quickly; during the first chapters that we were able to try we in fact encountered some obstacles that required a certain skill, but despite this the puzzles are all very fun and well diversified. Another very curious detail is the almost total absence of ainterface, which makes the whole experience much more difficult, with no goals or on-screen directions of any kind. As if that weren't enough, there is no real one tutorial and in various pivotal nodes of the narrative they sin in terms of explanations given to the player: the result of all this is one little intuitiveness which consequently insinuates various complications to the user on duty, especially for those new to the genre.

Without too many pretensions regarding the minimum requirements in order to play, Interpoint still manages to guarantee a pleasant technical sector, with texture equally accurate and a pleasant effect. A note in favor we would like to dedicate it also to sound compartment; characterized by excellent audio effects and a particularly apt soundtrack. Despite this, we were very sorry to learn about the lack of Spanish subtitles. The only two languages ​​for which the game is localized are in fact theEnglish and russo: this makes it very difficult to fully immerse yourself in the mood of the game, especially if you don't chew at least one of these two idioms at your best.

In conclusion, Interpoint has enormous potential - particularly with regards to the plot - which, however, has yet to be fully exploited. Considering that the title in question is still in early access, this appears more than understandable, and the results obtained so far are still satisfying and interesting for anyone who appreciates puzzle-games. The mix between this genre and the horror one is one highly sought after choice, which in this case is accompanied by the peculiar mechanics of dimensional journeys.

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