Injustice Gods Among US: General Zod DLC guide / solution [360-PS3]

Injustice Gods Among US: General Zod DLC guide / solution [360-PS3]


The fourth character DLC, Zod, landed in Injustice: Gods Among Us and we are ready for a quick overview of this new fighter which can be downloaded on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

At first it was just rumors that the big villain from Man of Steel could have arrived in this fighting game to challenge Superman's supremacy, and apparently the rumors were completely founded.

Zod was supposed to be the last of the characters released via DLC for Injustice, but Ed Boon has already confirmed confirmed via Twitter that we will have new additional characters in the future. Until then, get the video guide that we propose below to complete the campaign with Zod.

Remember that we have many other guides that cover all the characters of Injustice, the guide to unlock the trophies and achievements, have all the alternate costumes and more. You can find them all in the cheats and guides tab of Injustice Gods Among Us.

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