"Information" Objective / Trophy Guide

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Guida Audiocassette collezionabili Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes


We've already seen where to find all the FOX badges, now it's time to worry about audio cassettes.

"Information" Objective / Trophy Guide

The collectible audio cassettes to be found in Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes are 12 in total. Collecting them all will unlock the "Information" achievement and, if you also take the time to listen to them, you will discover interesting details about the story which is the background to the game.

Here is the list of cassettes with directions on where to find them. As you can, some cassettes are found in the secondary missions and also in the extra mission that is unlocked only by collecting all the FOX badges (see the fox unit badges guide for more help).

1) Chico box 5 (Missione principale "Ground Zeroes")
It is essential to collect it BEFORE saving Chico. If you save Chico first, the box will disappear and you will no longer be able to pick it up. Watch the video to see the exact location.

2) Chico box 2 (Missione principale "Ground Zeroes")
In the watchtower.

3) MGS-GR Music cassette (Missione principale "Ground Zeroes")
In the cell behind the prisoner when he goes to retrieve Chico

4) Chico box 3 (Missione principale "Ground Zeroes")
The cassette falls out when you put Chico down

5) Chico box 4 (Missione principale "Ground Zeroes")
After putting Chico down, the hostage appears in the field that you will need to save to unlock the "Rescue" achievement. Save it for this cassette.

6) Chico box 6 ("Eliminate the Threat of the Enforcers" side quest)
The box is located in the armory located near the ground zeroes mission entry area.

7) Chico box 1 ("Secret Agent Rescue" side quest)
Complete the "Intel Operative Rescue" side mission.

8) + 9) Cassetta Agent's Recording + Cassetta Classified Intel Data (Secondary mission "Acquisition of confidential information")
Here are two cassettes. First get to the watchtower (same as in box 2), shoot the camera and grab the box. Now go down, DON'T SHOOT ANY GUARD, but take the one on the driveway and interrogate it. He will tell you that a guard with a shaved head has the real box. Go and interrogate the other guard down in the boiler room as well, this will drop the second box.

10) Chico box 7 (Mission sec. "Destruction of anti-aircraft airfields")
Rescue the prisoner in the tank room.

11) Cassette "Deja Vu" (on Playstation) / "Jamis Vu" (on Xbox 360)
These extra missions unlock after finding all FOX badges. The box is in the same place on both Xbox and Playstation, on a rock on the beach, near the helicopter extraction point.

12) Cassetta Zone of The Enders
Complete the 6 missions on Hard difficulty

And now here is also a video showing the location of all the cassettes. Good fun

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