Infinite XP cheat

South Park the Stick of Truth: how to earn XP and level up fast


Here is an easy easy way to earn lots of money experience points in South Park the Stick of Truth.

Infinite XP cheat

What I am about to describe is a good method for farming (accumulation) of XP points that will allow you to level up without major problems, at least in the early stages of the game. Obviously, if you have discovered some better spots to accumulate money, use the comments below to report them.

1) Go to City Wok where in front of the shop you will find two elves;
2) Attack them with your weapon in order to start the fight, win to get experience points and collect all the loot from the bodies;
3) Now go to the shop and then exit, the elves will be there again waiting for you
4) Repeat from point 2) as many times as you want to accumulate all the XP points you want

Here is a video showing the process, check out the South Park the Stick of Truth cheats and guides tab for other useful guides such as the guide to find all friends, the guide to weapons and many more.

Note: this will also collect a lot of items from defeated enemies, loot that you can resell at Jimbo's Guns to earn a lot of money.

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