Infinite experience points to maximize the character

Ryse Son of Rome: trucco XP infiniti [Xbox One]


Ah belliiii! Do you want infinite XP to upgrade it to maximum, and unlock everything er cuccuzzaro? And beccateve is driving goes!

Infinite experience points to maximize the character

Here's a quick and easy trick to earn all the experience points (XP) you want in Ryse Son of Rome. In this way you can level up the character to the maximum and quickly unlock even the best upgrades. To make your Spartaco a perfect "war machine", proceed as follows:

  • load mission 3: "Trial by fire" and press "right" on the D-pad to activate the XP bonus.
  • proceed in the mission until you get to the battle on the beach. Here try to get the highest possible combo. The higher it is, the more XP you will earn.
  • finished the fight, launch with conviction towards the arrows, you have to get killed.
  • with your paladin paired, the battle will restart from the checkpoint, but you will keep all the experience points you have earned.

Repeat the process as many times as you like to accumulate many easy XP points in no time.

Consult the Ryse Son of Rome cheat sheet for other useful guides on this game.

Here is a video showing the process in practice

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