Infinite DP points cheat for Deadpool

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Deadpool: trick to have infinite DP points [360 - PS3 - PC]


In Dead Pool i DP points represent the classic skill points that we usually find in all games where it is possible to enhance the character, his equipment or both in some way.

The mechanism is simple and proven: the further you progress in the game, the greater the amount of skill points obtained, the more upgrades you can apply to your character. In this guide we see how to quickly earn all the DP points you want, without much effort and from the very beginning of the game.

Infinite DP points cheat for Deadpool

To accumulate all DP points proceed as follows. At the beginning of the game you will find a tutorial explaining how to use weapons. After the tutorial, the game will test you by putting at your disposal quite easy enemies / targets that you can pair with the weapons of the legendary Deadpool. Kill them and pay attention to the lower left corner of the screen: wait for the autosave icon to disappear, then pause and reload the checkpoint to repeat it over and over again.

Each time you complete this process you will earn easy DP points, which you can use for weapon and character upgrades.

Here is a video that shows it all

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