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    inFAMOUS: Second Son - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS4]

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    inFAMOUS: Second Son - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS4]


    Here is the list of inFAMOUS: Second Son Playstation 4 Trophies

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

    ATTENTION: The Infamous Second Son trophy guide is available to help you get to Platinum without major problems.

    All out!
    Free ten suspects from cages
    Advertise this to me
    Neutralize ten human billboards
    Constructive criticism
    Eliminate ten street musicians
    I say no!
    Stop ten drug dealers
    Freedom of word
    Stop ten activist rallies
    What did you call me?
    Kill ten members of the hateful Akulan gang
    Conservation instinct of the species
    Save ten Conduits fleeing the angry mob
    The worst is over
    Treat ten wounded civilians
    Kicks and shouts
    Finish ten wounded enemies or civilians
    Bip! Bip! Bip!
    Collect 50% of all explosion fragments
    Telephone joke
    Complete a Neighborhood Showdown
    Hello, receptionist
    Complete Showdown in half of the neighborhoods
    Minus one
    Completely free a neighborhood from DUP control
    The home advantage
    Have the DUP withdraw from the middle of the neighborhoods
    Mechanical massacre
    Destroy five cars in five seconds
    A real blast
    Perform a Comet Smash from a height greater than 170 meters
    Don't get down
    Stay in the air for over 45 seconds
    Do not disperse in the environment
    Defeat ten enemies by exploding crates of ammo
    Defeat an enemy using three different energy sources
    Attack of the two chimneys
    Go through two red air vents without touching the ground, then hit an enemy with a Comet Slam
    Balsamic comet
    Perform a Comet Smash on three coughing enemies
    Fetch is proud of you
    Hit three weak spots with the Neon Beam in six seconds
    Excessive measures
    Use an attack associated with a karmic series to eliminate a single enemy
    Complete the game on Expert difficulty
    Reach level 5 of positive karma
    Reach level 5 of negative karma
    Collect all the fragments of the explosion
    Destroy all surveillance cameras
    Inner voices
    Retrieve all audio messages from the informant
    Cover skipped
    Defeat all undercover agents
    Big Brother
    Destroy all hidden cameras
    Color inside the lines
    Complete all graffiti
    Last showdown
    Complete all Showdowns in the city
    Strategic retreat
    Collect the DUP from all neighborhoods
    Complete the story with positive karma
    Complete the story with negative karma
    All in my power!
    Collect all trophies


    Secret trophies of inFAMOUS: Second Son

    Put your freedom at risk to protect the people you love
    Think for yourself without caring about the consequences
    Exercise self-control
    Attack before being attacked
    Siding on the side of the defenseless
    Don't fear the weak
    Everyone deserves a second chance
    An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
    Unveil the corruption of power to the world
    Prove to humanity that no one can protect it
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