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    InFamous Second Son's Enigmi Paper Trail Guide

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    InFamous Second Son's Enigmi Paper Trail Guide


    Infamous Paper Trail is an additional campaign (DLC) for InFamous Second Son, but to be able to play it you will need to solve the puzzles released weekly. After solving them they will unlock the related mission within InFamous Second Son.

    Complete Paper Trail solution

    First of all you need to register on the InFamous Paper Trail site, then from your profile page you will need to associate the newly created account with that of the PSN. To progress with the plot of this expansion your PS4 will need to be connected to the internet, as during the missions it will be possible to find and collect evidence which will then have to be sent to your paper trail profile. From the PC by accessing the site you can solve ingenious puzzles and earn other missions within the game that are activated by going to the icon that you can find on the map.

    Below we propose a series of video guides of Iosonotakusemper that show how to solve all the puzzles and how to complete the mission, also including the parts played on PC.

    Important: See the Infamous Second Son cheats and guides tab for other helpful guides on this game.

    Solution Chapter 1 Paper Trail

    Solution Chapter 2 Paper Trail

    Solution Chapter 3 Paper Trail

    Solution Chapter 4 Paper Trail

    Solution Chapter 5 Paper Trail

    Solution Chapter 6 Paper Trail

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