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Bloodborne: Hunter's Badges Guide and Related Rewards [PS4]


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Hunter's Guide Badges

The badges of the Hunter in Bloodborne are a sort of "medal" that is unlocked for having completed particular tasks or are simply found randomly in the crates scattered around the game world. Once collected, the badges can be exchanged with merchants for special weapons (follow the guide to unlocking all Bloodborne weapons for more details).

Below is a list of all Bloodborne Hunter badges with directions and videos of where they are along with the items they unlock.

Cainhurst Badge
How to Get It: After defeating Martyr Logarius at the top of Cainhurst you will meet Annalize, take a few steps back and kneel in front of her to join the Vilebloods. If Alfred kills Annalize before getting the sword, take the badge from her body and use it on the big blob behind where you fought Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos. This will revive Annalize. Check out this video showing how to find it.
reward: Chikage weapon + Cainhurst set

Crow badge (crow hunter badge)
how to get it: you need to kill Eileen who is in the sewers at the beginning of the game. If you don't want to kill her, alternatively you can complete her missions and let her die in one of them, but know that it will be much longer because you will have to meet her several times throughout the game and kill several bosses before unlocking the weapon. In this video you can see where Eileen is at the beginning of the game. If you have not met her the first time you passed this place, remember that it is also possible to find her later in the Church. If you really can't find it the only way is to start a new game + and head straight to the sewers, in the place shown in the video. Check out this video showing how to find it.
ricompensa: arma Blade Of Mercy + Crowfeather set

Distintivo Powder Keg
how to get it: obtained after killing the hunter with the Gyula machine gun in old Yharnam, search on his body. Check out this video showing how to find it.
ricompensa: Rifle Spear, Stake Driver, Rope Molotov Cocktail e Oil Urn

Distintivo Radiant (radiant hunter badge)
How to Get It: Defeat the Bloodthirsty Beast Boss, then return to the Hunter's Dream and talk to Gherman. He will tell you about the Church Healing Workshop which is located near the Oedon Chapel. Return to the Cathedral Ward lantern and go through the unlocked door on the right side. Take the elevator to find Townsfolk with the Gatling Gun. Kill him for this badge. Check out this video showing how to find it.
ricompensa: Ludwig's Holy Blade, Ludwig's Rifle, Fire Paper e Bone Marrow Ash

Distintivo Saw
how to get it: it is taken from a corpse in the Central Yharnam Aqueduct. To find it, travel across the large canal past Carrion Crows to reach a small tunnel near a staircase that goes up to the bridge that leads to Father Gascoigne. There is a giant boar in that tunnel. Lure him, then search the center of the tunnel to find the dead body. Check out this video showing how to find it.
ricompensa: Saw Cleaver, Saw Spear, Hunter Axe, Threaded Cane, Hunter Pistol e Hunter Blunderbuss

Distintivo Sword
how to get it: obtained after defeating the boss Cleric Beast, follow the guide to beat all the bosses of Bloodborne for more help.
ricompensa: Kirkhammer, Hunter Chief Emblem, Repeating Pistol e Hand Lantern

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