How to win the battle against Atheon

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Guide to Beat Destiny's Glass Vault Boss Atheon [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3]


Let's see how to defeat Atheon, the fearsome raid boss of the Vault of Glass.

How to win the battle against Atheon

For this final fight, it is best to first designate 3 players who should form the transporter team. These players will in fact be teleported as long as they are the three players furthest from Atheon when he activates Timestream. Once the transport has taken place, someone takes the relic and uses it to kill the mobs in the center, while the other two players shoot the oracles. They have a few seconds to help with the mobs in the center before the first oracle appears. Stand near the exit portal when you shoot the last oracle.

The team not teleporting must activate the synchronization plate for the zone the other team is transporting to. The jungle plate is on the right, while the desert plate is on the left. It is advisable to put only one player per synchronization plate and leave the third to provide support where and when it is needed against the harpies. Once the sync plate has activated the portal, all three players must jump to the central platform and shoot the harpies.

Once teleported players shoot the last oracle, a debuff called Vengeance will activate for 30 seconds. During this time Atheon will take X5 damage from all of your weapons, while special attacks and abilities will regenerate faster. Walk (don't run) through the teleporter to quickly get to the center of the platform with the rest of your team. Especially the one carrying the relic must move to that area as soon as possible so that they can activate the relic's shield ability by pressing and holding the grenade button. Make sure you have a player shooting harpies during this step (with gold guns it will only take 1 shot to kill them). When the revenge buff is about to expire, the three players who are about to be teleported again must switch to the platform behind.

It should take 4-5 teleports to finish Atheon if your team has enough DPS. If the fight goes beyond 7-8 minutes, Atheon will go into rampage mode, you will have more enemies to face and things will get complicated, so make sure you beat him before this transition.

Below you will find a video that shows the whole operation in full. Good luck!

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