How to Win at Poker

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Trucchi per vincere a Poker in Watch Dogs [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Here is a very simple way to cheat and win at the Poker table.

How to Win at Poker

To make some extra money in Watch Dogs i can also be used poker tables scattered around the city. To use the trick I'm about to describe, head to the table in the club near the underpass in the district of The Loop. At this table you will play Texas Hold'em rules and the payouts will be slightly higher than at other tables.

When you start playing you will notice one camera placed right above the table, hack it for two important benefits. First of all, by zooming in from the right angle you will be able to see the cards of two of the opponents present, thus being able to know with certainty when it is convenient to move forward and when it is better to leave.

Not only that, with the facial detection system, you will be able to deduce the degree of stress of the other participants: a high stress indicates that the guy has no good cards and that he is probably bluffing.

Knowing your opponents' cards and unmasking any bluffs, winning will be much easier. Here is a video showing the trick in action. Good luck

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