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    How to use blocked characters

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    Mortal Kombat X: How to Use Blocked Characters Baraka, Rain, Sindel, Corrupted Shinnok [PC]


    It is already highlighted in the title, but it is better to reiterate it: it can ONLY be done on PC.

    How to use blocked characters

    In Mortal Kombat X there are some blocked characters that cannot be used to play. These are Baraka, Rain, Sindel and Corrupted Shinnok.

    On PC, it is possible to tinker with the game files a little to have the ability to play normally with these characters. Just a minimum of familiarity with the game installation folders and you will do in a moment:

    1) go to the "assets" folder and make a backup of the original files of any of the playable characters, for example shinnok. The files to be backed up are "char_shinnok_a" and "char_shinnok_scriptassets"
    2) now replace the backupped files with the files of a character that cannot be used, such as "char_baraka_a" and "char_baraka_scriptassets"
    3) go to the game and select the replaced character to use the previously unplayable character

    here is a video explaining the procedure. Be careful not to mess it up, secure the backup of your files.


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