How to upgrade the Jackdaw and unlock the Naval Engineer

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Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag: how to fully upgrade the Jackdaw


Let's see how to make Jackdaw's ship invincible Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag purchasing all the upgrades and fully upgrading it.

How to upgrade the Jackdaw and unlock the Naval Engineer

Fully upgrading the ship is necessary to unlock the "Naval Engineer" Trophy / Achievement, but also to have far fewer problems later in the game. Buying all upgrades for the Jackdaw will cost you a huge amount of money and materials, resources that you can mostly recover by boarding and plundering other ships.

In this regard, we also advise you to read the guide with the tricks to earn money quickly, it could be useful and give a boost to your accumulation of Real.

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Where to find the blueprints for upgrades

The last level of the upgrade of each category, the "Elite" level, in addition to the resources also requires a specific one schema without which you will not be able to apply the upgrade. These blueprints are found in chests underwater or buried on the ground. Below you will find the list and a video with the exact coordinates where you can find all the diagrams for the elite ship upgrades. Good luck

1) elite swivel guns: Devil’s Eye Caverns (487, 357)
2) elite set of cannons: The Blue Hole (471,170)
3) elite Fire Barrels: San Juan (479, 487)
4) elite harpoon: Andreas Island (579, 720)
5) elite heavy shot: Misteriosa (306, 195)
6) elite heavy shot storage: Petite Cavern (901, 263)
7) elite fire Barrel Storage: Isla Providencia (502, 44)
8) elite ram: La Conception Wreck (181,296)
9) elite Round Shot: Kabah Ruins (769,145)
10) elite hull: San Ignacio Wreck (379, 770)
11) elite Mortars: (Antocha, 630,660)

Here is also a video showing where to find the projects

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