How to upgrade the character

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Bloodborne: Character Development Tips [PS4]


... because without a well-developed character you won't go anywhere!

How to upgrade the character

We all know very well that in a game like Bloodborne, there are no precise rules that can dictate how your character is forged, but there are simple rules that could help you not go wrong in the process of leveling your bloodthirsty alter ego.

The right priority. Especially at the beginning it is very important to make the most of the precious skill points that allow you to develop the character. The attributes to be privileged are certainly the following, in order of importance:
- Power
- Vitality
- Skills

As you can see, strength comes first. In this type of game, one easily gives in to the temptation to increase health first, but in Bloodborne it is better to focus on strength first. The stronger you are, the easier you will take down your enemies and the less you will expose yourself to their attacks. Being stronger also means obtaining a greater regeneration of health with counterattacks, which is equivalent to increasing, indirectly, also health.

Obviously this does not mean that you can disregard vitality, on the contrary, in the middle of the game you will necessarily have to enhance it because from then on you will meet enemies that can inflict even 800+ points of damage, and if you consider that the basic character has only 600 points of health it is easy. understand that delaying the vitality boost too often you will often have to deal with instant kills.

Only after you have developed these two aspects sufficiently can you spend a little more on the other attributes but, remember, Strength and Vitality are the key.

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